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    Hybrid powder coating polyester
        HYBRID 70/30
    TGIC type the polyester
    PRIMIND powder coating with polyester
Company:Changshu tianyin plasticizing trade Co., LTD.
Contact:Miss Zhu
Add:Changshu YuShanZhen high-tech industrial park 58, four new road
       Changshu tianyin plasticizing trade limited company is the national foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau, the customs general administration of import and export right notation company, the company has two production factory, a solid economic foundation, complete technology and personnel allocation, with China‚Äôs
accession to the WTO, import and export trade and growing, in order to further satisfy the trade, import and export business needs, our company for the businessman elaborate make the door to door one-stop service.
The company subsidiary factories--changshu is thriving in the chemical factory powder new material areas of professional engaged in powder coating special polyester resin series product development
HYBRID 70/30 HYBRID 60/40 High-gloss paint Hybrid 50/50 Plain or low - light Hybrid 50/50 High-gloss paint PRIMIND powder coating with polyester TGIC type the polyester 
  High pressure .. 2012/6/25
  Global thermop.. 2012/6/25
  Changzhou regi.. 2012/6/25
  Soda ash caust.. 2012/6/25
  Bromide encoun.. 2012/6/25
  Titanium dioxi.. 2012/6/25
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Add:Changshu YuShanZhen high-tech industrial park 58, four new Contact:Miss Zhu Tel:18651189950 Fax:86-0512-52362228